What’s the Difference Between Glamping and Camping?


If you have ever planned to go on an outdoor vacation then you must have stayed in a camp. You must be familiar with how camping work and what things are required to survive in a camp. But for those who have not experienced this camping helps you survive whenever you plan to go for outdoor activity.

To set your camp you need to take your bag pack along, which contains a tent and air bed for proper survival. But you have to take care of some other necessary stuff, which is not included in it like, the stove where you cook food and other necessities.

On the other hand, “Glamping” is a modern form of camping, which comes with all these facilities and you do not have to worry about such things. Glamping is also known as glam camp because it is a form of camp but with a modernized touch and all the facilities of a house contain.

It is just a basic difference, which differentiates Glamping from Camping. Let’s discuss in detail a few prominent factors, which show the actual difference between glamping and camping.

1.    Accommodation and Sleeping Arrangement

The very first and the most prominent difference between glamping and camping is the living arrangements. The sleeping and the living arrangement of both are different from one another. For “Camping” you have to set your tent and arrange your bed. Other than that, you have to maintain everything on your own.

While “glamping” offers all these facilities and make your outdoor trip easier. Although glamping is a form of camp and it is also for outdoor trips, but it offers all the facilities that a house contains. You do not have to worry about how to arrange your bed and how to cook your meal. Everything is already present in it.

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2.    Cooking the Meals

Cooking your food is another major task, which makes a clear difference between both. While living in a camp you have to build a stove with the help of bricks. For this, you have to find the right bricks and collect them so that you can burn them. Once the fire is set you are ready to cook your meal.

But when you are on glamping you get an opportunity to have an oven or built-in stove to cook food. You just need to prepare your meal like you normally do at your home. It is a more convenient way than collecting bricks first and then setting your flame.

3.    Getting Water to Stay Hydrated

Hydration is very important and without the accessibility of water, you cannot survive. Getting water to drink is what makes another difference. While living in camp you to search for a clean lake, fill your water bottles, bring it to your place. Do not forget to boil water before drinking because in this situation it is necessary.

On the other hand, glamping facilitates the availability of clean and fresh water. Because it is just like your home and it offers all the necessary facilities. Thus, you do not need to worry about basic but necessary items to survive outside your home.

4.    Clothing, Suitable Clothes to Wear

It is another prominent difference between the two. Living in a camp means you have to be extra careful with each and everything. Weather consideration is one of these because you do not want to sick. Depending on the weather you have to take clothes along with you. Especially in the winter season, you have to cover yourself properly.


Also, living in the camp means you have to take some extra and warm clothes with you because you never know when you might need it. But in glamping, you can only take clothes that you want to, and you do not need to carry extra stuff with you.

5.    Equipment to Carry

The basic everyday equipment is a must to survive your days no matter where you live. But unfortunately living in a camp means you are unable to get facilitate to basic stuff like medicines or food. You have to take everything with you when you plan an outdoor trip and spend your days in a camp.

Similarly, in glamping, you also have to take care of the stuff you need to carry along. Because glamping is located in remote areas and you do not get many facilities. Thus, it is another major factor to consider.


Described above are some prominent differences between glamping and camping. The differences discussed above will help you make a better decision about what to prefer while you plan an outdoor trip. Both glamping and camping are unique in their way. And it is up to you to choose what is your preference.

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