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What should be the best Diwali gifts for employees?


Diwali is one of the most celebrated in India. It is celebrated in almost all parts of India. People celebrate this festival by cleaning their houses, painting, white-washing, etc. According to the Hindi calendar, it is known as the beginning of the new year. It is also celebrated by many foreigners and is widely known as the festival of lights. It symbolizes the triumph of the good over the evil.

Diwali represents happiness. According to Hindu Mythology, it is believed that on this auspicious day Lord Ram along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman came back to Ayodhya after fourteen years of exile. On that day the people were so happy that they decorated their houses with candles and diyas. From then the custom of enlightening diya and candles started and it is continuing till date.


Diwali also includes exchanging of gifts. This is one of the things people wait for the entire year. Diwali is all about spreading happiness. Being a leader you must know how to spread happiness in the form of gifts among your employees. They work for you the whole year, so now it is your duty to make them happy on the occasion of Diwali.

Gifts in the business world nurture your formal relationship and ensure a better professional relationship. So here are some of the best Diwali gifts for your employees


One of the all-time favourite for a Diwali gift will be a basket of dry fruits. It is classic and one of the most elegant gifts of all times. One of the most feasible things about a basket of dry-fruit is that it can be stored for a longer time and one can enjoy its freshness for a longer time. In the corporate world, it is famous because it is easy to transport.


Handing over some extra money in the form of bonus will be am an amazing gift for your employees. They will appreciate your this kind of gesture and your professional relationship will grow more strong.

3.Bonsai Trees-

They are beautiful and cute trees that add beauty to your house. They are also a mood-lifter. A bonsai tree at the desk on an employee will provide freshness to an employee and enlighten their mood. It will also help them focus on their work.

4.Sweet basket-

Diwali is all about sweets. Nothing feels better than sitting with your friend and family and enjoying Sonpapdi, Gulaab Jamun and Kaju kathli. Sweets connect people, so it would be an amazing gift for your employees to gift on Diwali.

5. Electronics-

Electronics like smartwatches, headphones, Bluetooth speakers etc can also be gifted. A good quality electronics will be appreciated by the employees and will encourage them to work for the betterment of your company.

6.Aromatics candle sets-

Candles are a must for an occasion like Diwali. You can apply a classic touch by gifting your employees with colourful aromatic candle sets. It provides elegance when lightened in a room and also can release stress.

7.Chocolate hampers-

It is often said that chocolates make everything better. Chocolate hampers with different exotic chocolates with me perfect for your employees. Chocolates can be used as a safe side because in this case, you can never go wrong.

8. Ultra-violet light sanitizers-

In a global pandemic, it is your duty to take care of the hygiene of your employees. So you can add a UV light sanitizer. It will show your care for them and help you build a better relationship with them.

9. Comfortable furniture-

In this situation when everybody is working from home, it is your duty to take care of your employee’s comfort. On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, you can gift your employees with comfortable furniture. This will help them focus on the work and that too at such ease.

10. accessories combo-

An accessories combo looks elegant and classy. You can mix and match different items and convert into one interesting and over-whelming gift that will be liked by all. For women, you can make a hamper out of clutches, handbags, cufflinks etc. For men, you include watches, tie, wallet, sunglasses etc in a hamper. This will be useful and make them happy at the same time.

This Diwali spread happiness and build much more strong relationships. Be it professional or personal.

“Let each diya you light bring a glow of happiness to your face and enlighten your soul”.

Happy Diwali!!

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