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Wedding Face Masks For New Style Statement


Well amidst all the pandemic situations, couples are accepting the new norm and trying the new custom face mask which is made by keeping the wedding in mind especially. This idea is so amazing since many weddings have incorporated such an experiment. 

This way they can still flaunt their beautiful wedding outfits while keeping the safety concerns still in their priority by wearing the wedding masks. This has brought a new change in the fashion culture which will stay for the upcoming weddings. 

This is not limited to the brides only since grooms can carry out these wedding masks with the same elegance. We are pretty confident that this wedding accessory will stay forever and rule the wedding season. 

You can see on Instagram or other social platforms, where influencers have been trying out these masks which are personalized for them by focusing on the main attires and the base theme of the wedding.

Even the main guests can try this with their outfits. You can admire these beautiful masks and the charm it brings with the unique mixture of colors and designs.

History Of Fashion

If you look at the vast history of fashion, you will find that most of the fashion trends in the past which we warmly accepted to be a part of our wardrobe were mostly adopted and designed out of sheer necessity. One of the most renowned examples here would be of Levi Strauss and Nevada city tailor named Jacob Davis. 

They worked on to prepare the first-ever batch of denim pants in 1873 which was initially created for the miners working on the California coast. Thousands of them arrived looking for gold at the Sunshine State during the California gold rush that took place from 1848 to 1855. 

Fast forward 100 years and we are in World War II where women are now being part of the armed forces as well and men are leaving their offices to be on the frontlines for the fight across Europe. 

Here they quickly adopted “jeans” or “denim” which used to be known by the term “divided skirts back then, the reason behind that was to make it look more socially acceptable by women as well. 

Now that we are in this newly developed situation of COVID-19 which is showing no sign of backing off right now. This pandemic has changed our lifestyle upside down and made us believe in the new norms of living. 

Since a mask is a necessity right now, you can customize your own face mask if you wish to go out and meet people in your surroundings or socialize with the people around you. With the rise of demand and sales of the masks in today’s generation, we have to accept it the way it is and go on to rock the new global fashion statement.

How Long It Is There

Since there is no relief whatsoever with the current pandemic, we can assume that at least till a vaccine is not discovered, we will be carrying around these masks every time we will step out of the house. 

It’s not that people are concerned for their masks at the wedding only since it has been seen that the custom face mask is making its way to the wardrobe of the people in their general outfits as well. 

They are matching the masks with their office outfits, sportswear, or just a casual stroll around the park. Online shopping surveys have shown that clients who are placing the order for t-shirts are now opting to get the extra fabric material as well to have their matching masks made with it.

How Is The Wedding Market

Looking at this, the market which is specifically associated with wedding shopping is now taking this trend pretty seriously and making their instructions clear with designers to work on bringing the best face-masks of the market. 

By doing so, a groom who will be wearing a golden attire along with a black turban would love to choose a mask which goes well with his wedding look and in this case getting a black mask with a hint of golden designing carefully put in by the designers through interesting thread detailing will do the job. 

In another case, a groom who is wearing an olive color outfit along with the peach scarf is willing to get a matching mask to go with this perfectly matched outfit for his wedding. With the wedding masks, designers are trying to blend different colors in beautiful patterns and trying more breathable fabrics without compromising safety concerns. 

However, the best thing which people are still looking to have is a wedding where they can get rid of these masks completely without focusing on catching a virus or something. Let’s hope the world can be set to peaceful times and we can move back to the normal lifestyle.

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