Top Apps for Ordering Non-Vegetarian Food Products Online


Are you planning to make new non-vegetarian dishes at home? Then get your hands on the best quality products at amazing prices with Licious offers and discounts. It is the best way to get your hands on supreme quality products at never seen before prices and discounts. 

Purchasing non-vegetarian food products has never been easier, and with the help of some of the best apps for non-vegetarian food products, you can get a lot more at the best prices. Here, we have curated a short list of the best apps that you can make use of for ordering meat and non-vegetarian products and get the best deals and discounts as well. 


Licious is a very popular non-vegetarian food ordering website that helps you get top quality meat and other non-vegetarian products very easily. You can order from the website or mobile app and get all of the products you choose delivered at your home. 

It is known for providing a number of discounts and Licious coupons, that help you save more with each purchase that you make. The platform has a wide range of products from chicken, lamb and goat meat, fish, seafood, eggs and more. It is a great site, and there is a lot that you can get from here, including new and latest recipes, ready-to-cook products and more. 

How To Order From the Licious App?

Here are the steps which you can follow in order to purchase your preferred products and make the most of Licious promo codes and other offers. 

  • Visit the Licious website or download the mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Create a new account or login with the required information and credentials.
  • Enter your address and delivery location.
  • Search for the products that you wish to purchase.
  • Add them to the cart and proceed to the payment section.
  • Complete the payment process.
  • You have successfully placed an order on the platform. 

2.Fresh To Home

Next up on this list of the most popular meat and non-vegetarian ordering websites we have FreshToHome. As the name suggests, the platform is dedicated to providing buyers with top quality meat and non-vegetarian products fresh at the best prices. The website is also available as a mobile app for Android as well as iOS users. 

It is known for its quality of services and the vast range of products that it has. You can buy chicken, meat, fish, eggs and a lot more on this site, without having to worry about the price and cost. You can have the products delivered at your doorstep, and you do not even have to get out of your house. 

3.Zapp fresh

Another very well known platform for non-vegetarian products is Zappfresh. You can find the mobile app on the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS phones. You can also visit their site and get all your products delivered to your homes. 

If you are someone who loves ordering food online, then this is a great platform for buying meat and other non-vegetarian products at the best prices. It has many offers and discounts that can help save you a lot. The platform strives to provide top quality organic products that make your culinary experience even better. 

4.Big Basket

BigBasket is a popular grocery and essential items delivery platform that you can access through their website or mobile app. It is one of the biggest platforms in the country and is available almost everywhere. You can purchase groceries, items of necessities and even meat and non-vegetarian products from this site. You can place your orders on the platform, and it will be delivered either on the same day or the next day as their services are really quick and fast. 

Big Basket is preferred by many people for non-vegetarian products because of its quick delivery, hygienic packaging, orderly services and affordable prices. Also, what is more important is that BigBasket provides a very high quality of products that make it accessible to all. You download its app from Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS. 


Grofers is a well-known grocery delivery site. You can place your orders online, and you will get them either on the same day or the next day. It specializes not just in groceries, but also in daily use items, household cleaning products, snacks and also non-vegetarian food products. It is perhaps one of the most popular platforms in the country, and you can order from anywhere. You can have your orders placed by visiting their website or downloading their mobile app on your phone. 

Grofers is used by many people who wish to order meat and non-vegetarian products because it has many benefits when compared to local vendors and meat shops. First of all, it has a good quality of products, which are organic and fresh. Other than that it provides quick and fast delivery and great services too. On top of that, the products are available at very affordable prices. 

6.Amazon Fresh

Last but not least is Amazon Fresh. Being a part of the popular online e-commerce website, Amazon Fresh offers a lot to its customers. You can find a number of products on the site which you can get delivered to yourself very quickly because of the fast services that Amazon provides. The platform provides a number of products like groceries, basic necessities, food items and also meat and non-vegetarian products. 

It is affordable and is quick with its delivery. You can get all the products that you need at great prices to be delivered at your doorstep. The platform provides many coupons, offers and discounts as well that enable buyers to save more with each purchase. 



As you have seen above, there are a number of websites and platforms that offer you all the top products and services at amazing offers and prices. You can get your preferred products delivered at your home and save a lot every time. All these apps, as mentioned above, have many coupons and discounts, including Licious offers, that help you get the top products at really affordable prices. So all in all, there are many benefits and advantages of shopping non-vegetarian products online with these sites. 

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