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Top 3 benefits of seedboxes


Torrents are one of the most effective ways of download files from the Internet. They have been around for well over a decade now and their popularity continues to go from strength to strength. Torrents are favored by people because it allows them the ability to download all sorts of files without paying a single penny. Perhaps the only issue with torrents is that they are not private and thus it becomes very easy for anyone to see what you are downloading. Privacy is a bigger concern for torrent users in today’s day and age than it has ever been in the past and even though the internet is increasingly becoming more of a public space, it isn’t necessary that your anonymity and privacy needs to be compromised.

Frequent and serious torrent users are always on the lookout for different ways through which they can anonymously download files from the Internet. Many of such torrent users find this way in VPNs but off late there has been another way which has become soaringly popular among members of the torrent community!

Welcome to the world of seedboxes! In simple layman terms, a seedbox is nothing but a high-speed server meant primarily for torrent transfers, especially for uploading for very high speeds. If you have a faint idea of what seedboxes are but would like to know more then read on further to know the key benefits of seedboxes along with the most compelling reasons for getting the same. Let’s get started!

1.Speed :- One of the main benefits of seedboxes is it’s lightning-fast speed. The speeds of seedboxes differ from the best seedbox to the cheap seedbox but speeds of most of the seedboxes are infinitely faster than most average home internet connections. If you get yourself the best seedbox in the market then you can easily avail speeds ranging between 100Mbps to 1Gbps. If you on a shared cheap seedbox, where you share the bandwidth with others, you can still avail speeds of up to 30Mbps, which is a lot faster than any average home internet connection. Further, the best part is that you won’t have to break the bank or burn a hole in your pocket to get either option because the best seedbox is available in the market for as low as $40 on a monthly basis and you can get on a shared cheap seedbox for as low as $10 on a monthly basis.


2.Untouched home internet connection :- When you begin using the best seedbox or the cheap seedbox you will be able to effectively free up your home internet connection to do anything that your heart desires. One of the key benefits of using the best seedbox or the cheap seedbox are low electricity bills. This is because when you use the best seedbox or the cheap seedbox you won’t have to keep your computer switched on at all times for the purpose of downloading. You don’t need to keep your seedbox switched on for the entirety of the day or night because your best seedbox or cheap seedbox will be downloading and uploading files for you 24x7x365, without the need to switch on the computer at any time.


3.Stream video files with ease :- Some of the best seedbox in the market come with pre-installed apps like Plexi and KODI which turn the best seedbox into a literal media center. When the seedbox comes with such pre-installed apps you will easily be able to host video content libraries. Further, you will easily be able to watch video files directly from the seedbox through either a web browser or a streamer.


The Bottom Line


There you go. Those were the top 3 benefits of seedbox along with the 3 of the most compelling benefits of getting yourself the same. With the help of seedboxes you will be able to achieve great ratios on private trackers as well.

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