Tips on how to reduce high cpu usage in windows 10


On one side windows is known for its simplicity and an easy-to-use operating system and on the other side, it is notorious for an operating system that eats too much RAM and starts heating often.

But what most windows users don’t know is that you can actually fix some of the most common issues in windows10 and decrease a good amount of High CPU usage problems.

So let’s look at some common fixes for decreasing High CPU usage in Windows 10

how to reduce high CPU usage in windows 10

Update your drivers frequently

Most windows users know that not updating their system’s driver can stop the functioning or cause some errors in the window OS, but what most windows users don’t know is that not updating the drivers can also be a cause of high CPU usage in your windows 10.

It is not always true, but not having appropriate or un-updated drivers can sometimes be the cause of high CPU usage in your windows10.

So if you’re seeing a service that is showing high CPU usage, ideally you would want to check whether I have the right and updated driver installed or not of that particular service.

For example, a common windows problem, windows audio device graph isolation error with high CPU usages come.

Where your Windows10 starts heating up, when it doesn’t find fully updated audio drivers in the OS.

Disable Startup applications in task manager

When you switch on your computer, you might have noticed that some applications automatically start as soon as your power on your computer.

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because these applications are listed in your windows task manager as Startup application.

Obviously, these startup applications increase High CPU usage, ideally, you want to close all these startup applications to reduce high CPU usage.

Here’s how you can disable these startup applications from the task manager:

  1. Open task manager either by right-clicking in the taskbar and then selecting task manager, or can simply enter this command in cmd `taskmgr`.
  2.  then go to the ‘startup’ tab
  3. there, disable every application whose status is enabled in the task manager.

Note: Make sure you don’t disable any system app, also disable only those applications which you don’t need as soon as you power on your computer.

Disable the Superfetch feature

Although Service host superfetch is a very useful tool in windows 10, it’s quite resource-heavy. It constantly makes the cache file of your windows 10 which may cause high CPU usage and CPU overload.

The best tip would be to try to disable superfetch for a few days and see how it affects your computer.

Here is how to disable superfetch on your computer.

  1. open command prompt and type services.msc and hit enter
  2. Scroll down until you locate the “SysMain” service. Simply right-click on it and choose “Properties.”
  3. in startup type option chose disabled
  4. click ok and apply.

Choose Windows 10 for the best performance

Just like video games, where you used to get graphics options to select such as balanced, smooth, ultra Hd, etc, Windows has also added a feature similar to that, where those windows users who only do normal work on their computer, and don’t care much about heavy visual effects and heavy software can set their windows 10 for the best performance.

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This is one of the most effective ways to improve your windows computer performance, but the surprising thing about this feature is that the majority of Windows users are not even aware of this feature.

So let’s see how you can set your Windows 10 for the best performance.

A quick tip: Instead of enabling this option in a lengthy way, you can directly select Adjust for best performance in windows by searching it on the windows search section.

  1. Go to File explore and in there right-click to “This Pc” and then go to properties 
  2. From there choose advanced system settings
  3. From there in the advanced tab click on settings of the performance section
  4. In the performance, option select Adjust for best performance
  5. Click Ok and then apply.

That’s it you are done.

Now use your computer with these settings for a few days and see if it helps in reducing high CPU usage.


High CPU usage occurs when you do heavy work, ie, when you use big games and software with heavy visual graphics and processors, so the ideal solution is to avoid those things.

However, These four tips are enough for you to reduce high CPU usage problems in your windows 10, while some tips may not work for you, the key point here is to try and test what works and remove those setting which are not effective for you, also if you know some other effective tips to reduce high CPU usage in windows then comment down below.

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