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Protecting Kids from Dangers of Social Media Platforms


Did you ever hear about the dangers of social networks?

The answer could be both “Yes” and “No”.

In the present age, we all are busy on social networks. Whether it is an adult or a teen, even kids know how to use social mediums. The posting process, sharing, commenting, chatting, replying, endorsing, and many other things are known to kids. Even there are plenty of activities on social networks that the adults are not aware of, but kids know them all.

As per a recent study, nearly 84% of teens access social networks through their smartphones. Along with that 75% of teens open their social network accounts more than once a day. Well, the bounties of social mediums are undeniable. We learn a lot of things from there, like news, fashion trends, TV programs and much more. Well, that gives an apparent surety to the parents that social networks cannot harm anyone.

Of course, social networks do not harm anyone. Perhaps, there is a herd of black sheep on every social network that is there only to harm our kids.

That harm is not just sexual lust or anything similar. It even extends to scams and frauds. Adults are difficult to scam, but doing it on teens is way easier. Further, adults are careful when dealing with someone online, but teens do not care about that. They give their information to everyone they find attractive. They tend to be bold and confident, however, that is their age of exploration.

Teenagers are exploring ahead of the toys and other playful stuff. They are making themselves informed of the new pleasures. Like in the teenage, kids have more interest in sports than the younger ages.

During their exploration, they become victims of online predators. Although social networks have ensured several privacy checks. But when our teens are not ready to accept that privacy then it may surely become difficult to protect them.

Are Social Mediums Dangerous?

As said, social networks are not causing any harm, but some evil-minded people are causing danger.

There are so many dangers on the social network that cause harm to our kids in some way or another. Primarily, it disturbs the mind, and if the teen continues to pursue it, the danger may increase. What those dangers are?

Catfish: This is the most common danger you can find on social networks. Despite strict identity and privacy checkers, online predators can land on social networks with fake identities. Certainly, they will not target you for anything, because they know you are well-aware. They focus on teens. They pretend to be good and nice people and share their interests with them. Following that, when your kid begins to trust them as a friend, the damage begins. The damage could be identity theft, molestation, or even the works of sexual assault.

Explicit and Violent Content: Age restrictions are on every social network. But bypassing them is pretty easy, even a person who is not aware of the bypassing tactics can do that. There is plenty of explicit and violent content on social networks. People share videos of horrible traffic accidents, man slaughtering, war victims, and similar panicky content. Along with that, the explicit content is in abundance on some social mediums. Just a slight mistake in the keyword can open up a series of explicit videos. For instance, you are looking for “Sacks” and mistakenly you wrote “Sex”, the content type will surely change.

Such content is indeed disturbing. It can harm the approach of the spectators and can also influence them to do something wrong.

How to Prevent Dangers?

You will never want your kid to run into a dangerous situation. Then how come you let them explores the dangers of social networks.

Possibly you are aware of the android spy app for monitoring kids. They are a great support in protecting the kids and keeping them away from any type of danger. Like TheOneSpy, which is a high-end mobile and computer app that can monitor everything your kids do.

It can record computer screens, browser history, social chats, and do much more. Similarly, it can record the calls, save the WhatsApp messages, and can open the galleries of your kids to you.

This is one of the potential methods that you can use to protect your kids on social networks

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