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Kids Management With Office Work From Home


Covid-19 lockdown made us adopt a new lifestyle and we started believing in this reality slowly. We got surrounded within the four walls of the home, spending all the 24 hours of the day and 7 days of the week or perhaps months with your families and loved ones. 

This is a blessing for most of us because they will be spending time with their family at home but also a challenge when it comes to the work front, especially for parents.

Apart from the usual household tasks in the absence of nannies, cleaners, cooks, gardeners, or any other household help and managing the work from home, it becomes essential to handle the child in more than feeding, sleeping, bathing and studying. You have to make sure that they have a proper source of entertainment and sleeping properly in a well-managed temperature room by air conditioning Sydney

As the offices all around the world are ensuring and following the safety protocols of their employees and their families, many are facing several new challenges and there are reports of stress, losing the focus, less quiet time, and mainly the inability to maintain a healthy form of balance between the workload and children.

Apart from the kids, your furry friends or other pets also get excited by seeing you more at home and they also need proper time and management. Let’s talk about the ways you can manage them:

  1. Make A Team With Them

Getting planned help with your spouse, partner, friend or relative helps get the most of your days. Ask your partner to divide the work alternatively so that when one is handling the kid and household work, the other one can put in his best performance at work and vice-versa. 

You don’t have to worry even if you are a single parent, while it’s not safe to ask the kid’s grandparents to travel and come over, the latest technologies have made the distance shorter. 

Be creative and with a zoom call you can get your kids involved in a fun activity with their grandparents. It won’t be the same as their warm cuddles but still, the call ends up with a happy child who just learned some good lessons in a fun manner.

  1. Planned Work Shifts

Planning your shift according to your child’s sleeping pattern can help you get the work done virtually. If your kids sleep late, you can plan your working hours or the most focus required tasks around the time when they are fast asleep. Install ducted air conditioning Sydney and make sure the room temperature is managed and the humidity level is well balanced according to the desired levels.

  1. Attach Emotionally As Well

Talk to your kid and make them understand that you have work to do and some goals to meet in the given time without being too harsh on them. Talk to them like their friends and provide them with some activities to get engaged with such as painting, coloring, story reading or simply playing with the toys. 

In the meantime, get your work done at that specific time and spend the next break time with them. During the break time, don’t be anxious about your work and stay with your kid in a happy state of mind. 

Go out on a small walk, listen to their stories or whatever they have to say, or be their rival partner in the video games to build chemistry and add more value to your relationship. This will help you up in building a special bond as well as balance with the work-life without getting preoccupied and stressed.

  1. Coordination Is The Key

Since this is not free time for kids as well because they will be busy in their online classes, distance learning programs and have to complete their assignments. Technically they will be working as well at this time and they will be looking for your help with their assignments and projects. 

Coordinate with your child during your break time or in between the less engaging tasks of yours. Don’t be strict with them as they are also adjusting themselves to the current ongoing pandemic and might be missing their school or going out playing fun in the playgrounds with their friends. 

  1. Seek For Help

Never hesitate to ask for help with your near and dear ones. Remember to communicate with your colleagues, friends, or family regularly, and make yourself more cheerful and productive.

If you are facing problems in managing the work or feeling overloaded with all the burden of work and house management just reach out to help instead of stuck at home and being anxious about it. 

Ask someone to babysit your kid for a specific period on-call or hire a professional baby sitter but online only.

Remember these strategies will work better some days than others and it is completely fine as long as you are holding it all together with a happy mind and a healthy body. 

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