How To Write An Essay In APA Format?


Every academic writing terms for proper formatting according to the precise style guide. If your tutor has assigned you to write an APA format essay, it might seem a complicated task. Still, It would be best if you learned how to write an essay in APA format to organize your work, and you need to familiarize yourself with some of its basics. Some of the students find it difficult to understand the APA format; then they start looking for Essay writing help online. Here In this article, we will discuss the APA in detail.

Define APA Format?

APA implies the American Psychological Association. It is considered as the official writing format of this association, which is the most widely used style for writing research and scientific papers in specific fields like Psychology, business, education, and social sciences. APA format includes the matter of dividing papers into the right divisions and following basic formatting guidelines. By using this format writers can easily communicate their ideas and experiment and also helps the reader to understand what they look for.

Deliver your essay a strong introduction, and follow-up with the methods, outcomes, and review sections. Insert references, an abstract, and any related tables or figures, and your writing is perfect to go.

Four Important Segments Of The Essay In APA Format

When you write an essay in APA format, it should include the following sections:

  • Title Page– The title page is considered as the first page of APA style paper. It includes running head, paper title, author’s name, and affiliation and The student version involves course name, tutor name, and deadline of the assignment. The main purpose of writing this title page is to allow readers to know the basic information about the paper’s topic and author. 
  • Abstract– The abstract consists of a 150–250 word summary. An abstract is a brief summary of your topic ordinarily needed in professional papers and rarely needed in students’ longer texts like a dissertation. An Abstract comes after the title page which is normally written as a single paragraph without headings or blank lines.
  • Main Body- This section includes the main content of your writing. Your essay should be written in APA essay format. If you are writing an essay, then it involves additional subsections.
  • Table of contents:- There are no guidelines available in APA style guides for formatting the content table. It is also not essential to put in professional or student papers but if your instructor wants it to include in your paper, it is perfect to follow your tutor’s guidelines. The content table is placed in between the abstract and introduction. 
  • Reference page- This segment covers all the references we used to collect information for our paper. APA gives guidelines for formatting the references as well as the page itself.

Basic APA essay structure

Your content must be organized by using the APA essay format. Writing APA format papers is not that much different from the preparation of any other academic paper. To make your paper effective you should follow these tips given below:

    • Choose a catching topic to write.
    • Start doing research and collect the required information from reliable and relevant resources.
    • Lead the research
    • Convert the results into the written form

Preparing an outline helps you to organize the whole process well and consumes less time and less effort. Follow this generic outline when planning your paper:

  • The introductory part: Briefly paragraph with a thesis statement
  • The main body of the topic: Includes three paragraphs with different ideas supported by factual evidence.
  • Conclusion: the paragraph that covers the topic and answers/rephrases the research statement

Points To Remember About APA Essay Format

  • Margins-  You should include uniform margins on all sides of the page, which should be of at least 1 inch.
  • Double Spacing: this section means that you should add 2 spaces after every sentence.
  • Pagination: Pagination means that every page must include page numbers on the top right corner.
  • Running Head: It is considered as the shortened form of the title, which should be of 50 characters. According to the APA paper styles, running head must be available on every page on the left top. 
  • Title: The title of essays consists of a maximum of 12 words. Your title must clarify your topic and be easy to understand.
  • Font: According to the APA essay format, your font size must be 12 and the font style should be Times New Roman. 
  • Paragraph Indent: Your first word of every paragraph must be ranged one-half inch. Try to avoid paragraphs of a single sentence.
  • Reference List: Here, you must list all sources that you’ve used to gather information.
  • Citation: Your Citation must be arranged in a precise format. Moreover, you must use the author’s name accompanied by the date of publication.
  • Italics: Your titles should be written in italics font—particularly the titles of books, newspapers, journals, etc.
  • Hyphen use: According to the APA essay format, writers have to use fewer hyphens as much as they can. So, don’t over-hyphenate your content.
  • Language: Don’t try to use rude and biased language. 


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Writing your essay based on APA format might be a little daunting at first, but learning the basic APA format rules helps you write effectively. Always remember, follow the basic guidelines provided by your tutor for each essay. Moreover, if you still want help with essay online, you can hire our experts for the best assistance.

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