How to Make a TikTok Approved Account (Blue Badge)?


On TikTok, a fun video sharing platform, many people find it cool and reassuring to get a blue badge. Indeed, getting the blue badge guarantees the account user’s account against various spam and cyber-attacks while at the same time increasing interactions. However, to have an approved account on TikTok, that is, to have a blue badge, you must first be a popular account and then become a famous person. So how to make a TikTok approved account (blue badge)? How to get a blue tick? Here Buy TikTok followers UK describe are all the steps about the TikTok blue tick in this article.

How to Make a TikTok Approved Account (Blue Badge)?

If you want to get an approved account (blue badge) on TikTok, just follow the steps below to get a blue tick.

1) First of all, the number of followers in your profile should be sufficient. Increasing your follower count is important to get a blue badge. Although there is no exact number for this, it would be correct to talk about thousands of numbers. To increase your number of followers, you should share quality, interesting and entertaining videos. Considering TikTok is an entertainment platform, it is possible to say that video content should be fun. The quality of your videos will increase your popularity and make it easier for you to get a blue badge.

2) You must use hashtags correctly. The purpose of hashtags is to give users more options and to categorize options. Using the right and effective hashtags will make you stand out on TikTok and gain followers.

3) You should constantly follow the trend list and pay attention to it. Producing video content according to trends will raise you very quickly. By following the trend video contents, you can develop content and determine strategies.

4) When you examine the video content, you will see that the majority of the profiles with more entertaining videos have blue badges. Moreover, these videos are generally very popular. With this in mind, aim to entertain users more.

5) Firms and businesses have accounts that are approved faster on TikTok. If you have a business account, submit your application by proving this with documents. TikTok gives more blue badges to businesses.

6) Make your name mentioned on other platforms. Being known will put you in a more advantageous position for the blue badge. Do not forget to create attractive and interesting content and share it on other social media platforms.

If you have all these qualifications and think you have the right to get a blue badge, you can apply to TikTok from the TikTok feedback section or by mail. You can easily access these sections from the TikTok web page. Remember that you need to write an English text for the application and fill out a form. In the text you will write, you should explain clearly and clearly why you should buy a blue badge and make correct sentences.

TikTok Blue Why Is Tick Important?

The fact that the social media profiles are verified and presented to the followers with the blue tick makes these profiles attract more attention. It helps profiles to be regarded as phenomena and to reach the network of interactions more easily. As a result of the researches, users are less hesitant to follow profiles with blue badges. It is also known that the blue badge affects the quality of the content shared from verified profiles.

What are the Advantages of Buying TikTok Blue Tick?

Buying a blue badge on TikTok provides advantages to the user in many ways. These:

  • Your account will be more secure from spam or cyber-attacks.
  • Accounts with blue badges become more popular and gain more followers.
  • Accounts with a blue badge have a higher chance of generating revenue from content (such as receiving ads).
  • Your TikTok profile will be verified and will be perceived as a more professional profile.

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