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Home Exercises for Beginners


Life has been very unpredictable lately. From a year which we expected to be a great one to a year which barely shows us the light of hope, we have lost a lot of things. However, it didn’t stop us from working on ourselves. People learned many skills and achieved the things that they always wanted to go for.

One of the dream goals that many people have achieved is getting their ideal body. It is hard to get it in the normal routine. We barely get time to go and workout after work. Even if we have it, the stress post-work doesn’t allow us to feel better.

However, now that we have a chance, we can sort things outright? Below are some of the exercises that can be done at home very easily. In fact, for some of them, you don’t even need any equipment, you just need the ground.

Military Pushups

Commonly known as the basic pushups, are best known for their outcomes. Even if someone is new to the exercising game, they can easily execute it. All you need is the ground, as we said earlier. Put your hands properly on the ground and make sure that your angle is perfect. An imperfect angel can lead to many internal injuries which can take a long time to recover.

Ensure that your force is going to the right parts of the body. Military push-ups aim to work on your chest, shoulders and triceps.

Diamond Pushups

Now that you have focused on your chest and shoulders, it is about time that you look out for those triceps. Pump those up and you will see a massive change. You’ll see those arms turning to guns.

All you have to do is set your hand on the ground in such a way that your hand forms a shape of a diamond, or more easily, a triangle. Now start moving your body just you move it while doing the basic pushup. Keep in mind that you don’t widen up your elbows. Try doing 3-4 reps for better results.


After working on those arms, it is about time that you focus on your back. Most of people leave this part of the body as they think that it doesn’t matter. No one will be able to look at it. However, what people don’t think about is important, it is to have a strong back.

Look out for places where you can hang properly or buy yourself a rod that is used for chin-ups. Hang to the rod and start pulling yourself slowly towards the rods. Make sure that your arms are wide and your grip is strong. Pull yourself up to your chest and do almost 10-12 reps. Keep in your mind that you feel the force on your back.


After all the upper body grinding, it is time that you must focus on the part which will help you in standing tall and bright. We are talking about legs here. Yes, they are as important as the rest of the body. Most of the people skip the leg game because of the extreme cramp pain that they have to face after the workout. However, what they don’t think about is the result that they can get if they stick to it.

Stand on a plain surface and widen up your legs. Bend your knees and start doing the movement slowly. Uplift your chest and keep lifting in a controlled movement. Do 3-4 sets for best outcomes.


One of the simplest exercises to keep your legs and cardio parts in shape. All you have to do is to wear a good pair of shoes and get out of your bed early in the morning. Not only will it keep your legs and cardio in shape, but it will also keep you healthy mentally. A morning run is all you need to get through that tough day at work.

Dumbells Workouts

This one is for those who have a good pair of dumbbells at home. If you are one of them then start pumping up those biceps. Try doing the basic bicep workouts. It doesn’t matter if you are not carrying heavyweights. Remember, weight doesn’t matter, it’s the form that does.

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