Gentleman for Hire: a Short Guide


People when hearing the term “Gentlemen for hire” usually think about sexual services. This is one misconception of people about this industry.

Hire a Gentlemen is gaining a lot of influence day by day and a lot of women are now aware of this thing. The question that is still unanswered is what really happens when women hire male escorts?

There are two different reasons women consider while they hire someone which are divided into two sections below:

For Companionship

When male escorts are booked it is not always because they want to fulfill their sexual needs but there are many other simple reasons as well due to which a male escort comes in handy.

To make a clear picture for you here is an example, a lady just flew to Rome to experience traditional and original opera and she is very keen to go there but the only problem she is facing is that she has no one to go with. This is where male escorts help.

She will book one male escort according to her preferences, they will meet, eat dinner together, attend an opera performance and after that, they can go for wine or coffee. Afterward, both will separate in their own ways.

Another example, A businesswoman who needs to attend functions, posh parties, and other prestigious events but she has none by her side to attend these functions. This is mainly due to the workload or busy schedule they have as they cannot afford to have boyfriends or some steady relationship, this is why they opt to book a gentleman which covers their every need.

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If you are thinking that earning money by just hanging around women is that easy, think again.

The gentlemen that work these kinds of jobs have an excellent way of conversation on any subject, the subject of conversation can be anything even politics. They have immense knowledge on every current affair, they keep themselves up to date with every happening through magazines and online sources.

They can adapt themselves to different people, they can easily manage to have a conversation with any person in parties or any important person.


For Sexual Reasons

The other reason why gentlemen are hired is the fact that they are hired for sexual purposes and there is no denying of it. There is a considerable percentage of women that rent a man to satisfy them in the bed. In simple words, they are looking for a man for a mind-blowing sexual experience.

Most of the single and successful women when they become more financially stable, they spend their wealth on things they want, and some consider sexual intercourse in their needs.

Some women face issues with their boyfriends and husbands as they are unable to provide certain things that they yearn and in these cases, the women can call up men for hire service providers and ask for a lovely gentleman. Within a one night stand, she can fulfill all her fantasies and enjoy every bit of it without any strings attached.

Divorced women who feel alone and want to fulfill their desires of doing sex can use the man for hire services as these gentlemen have the job to help them overcome their sorrows and make these women whole again.

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Apart from the husbands and boyfriends, some women hunt around in bars to get their sexual fix. These practices often come up with consequences like facing STDs and the dangers of other sexually transmitted diseases. Calling an escort man once a week can help you satisfy your needs without risking yourself.

Where you can find these services?

These services are almost all around the world these days and this industry is now acceptable by society. There are many service providers from which you can choose one to get the job done but if you are in the UK then and want London to rent boys service the best on the list is the MaleCompanion, this is a website that allows you to rent boys in London, this is one of the top websites that provide escort services to females that are living in London (or nearby) or are traveling to London.

They promise to provide services with full secrecy. Clients from anywhere around the world can use their services by just contacting them. If you are concerned about the leaking of your personal information like number and address then you should not worry as this company is well trusted and mostly sign agreements from both clients and Gentlemen before the meeting about keeping everything secrete so that no one’s life is affected.


Escorts of All Ages

By knowing about these services you may have a picture of the appearance of these men to rent. You may have thought that they are young, have faces like Hollywood celebrities, or have bodies like Arnold but this is not true.

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There are a variety of men that a woman can choose which have different appearances and have different fitness levels, the most important is the confidence that women want in a man and this leads to repeat bookings as well.


How Much Do These Male Escorts Get?

Male escorts don’t have direct contact with ladies, they work for some contractor who connects both parties. There is no fixed earning for these men, they can choose their own fee according to the service.

As these men gain experience in this field and start getting positive reviews, they can change their fees accordingly. They can also build a list of clients and get more work in the future.


Confidentiality Clauses

Women that hire gentlemen for their needs, want to keep this as a secret. The gentleman has to sign some sort of agreement in which they have to agree with the fact that they are paid for these services so they are bound to retain full confidentiality about what happens with the client.

They are bound to keep everything secrete including clients addresses. The same goes for the client, they have to keep everything in secrete as these escort men have normal lives too.

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