From crush to bae – out of the box ways to win your crush’s heart


Do you still remember your first crush from your school? We all had one back then. Having a crush in life is a very special feeling. You have no expectations, no hopes, just a glimpse of them everyday is enough to make your day wonderful, right? We all have had crushes on people at some point in life, some are lucky enough to marry them, and others are still satisfied by playing peekaboo with them. 

Have you started catching feelings for someone lately? I’m sure this must be exciting for you. Watching them everyday, having a mini heart attract when they accidentally catch you staring at them, but still playing this game everyday. Meeting someone you like and are attracted to, is thrilling. Crushes come and pass by, and we move on with life. But sometimes your feelings are too strong to let them pass, and when they don’t show interest in you, it can really hurt. If you like someone so madly that you can do anything for them, then it’s time that you take the first move now. Letting them know that you are into them but at the same time not coming too strong at him or she is an art. You need some ideas that ensure interest is displayed and also make sure that they are impressed by you. The journey from the first anonymous bouquet online delivery at their home to having a dinner date with when he or she is your bae, everything is possible if you have the right ideas. Here are some out of the box ideas that will help you win the heart of your crush. 

Stay confident in yourself

You know the first thing that anybody notices in you is your confidence and your body language and so will your crush. He or she is also going to observe your physical traits and then will be attracted to you, so, when on a mission to impress your crush, you should be sure that they notice you physically first. I don’t mean that looks matter the most, I’m just saying that your overall physical appearance and presence should be attractive and impactful. Some people are pretty and everything but lack confidence, which makes them a part of the crowd. But you need to stand out of the crowd if you want your crush to notice you. Even if you think that you are not the prettiest one, that does not matter because beauty depends on how well you present yourself and the confidence that you carry. When you take the first move, make sure that you don’t forget confidence at home. 

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Stay fit 

As we already read that how important your physical appearance is, you must focus on having a fit body. Now, when I say that I stay fit, I dont point towards getting obsessed with gym and bodybuilding, that is not what I mean for sure. You don’t even have to be conscious about your body weight if it is over or under normal. You should be fit overall because that is going to help you to impress your crush. If you already have a good physique, great for you, maintaining it will earn you extra brownie points. Also, a fitter and active body bring in more confidence in yourself, and that is what you need to impress the one you’ve been crushing on.

Gift is the way to the heart

When you look good and finally gather the courage to go and talk to your crush, then comes the next step, and that is to present gifts to them. When you like someone, it is mandatory to put yourself out there else how will they ever know about your feelings? I know this is the scariest part, but till, then you can not have any miracle happen and make them fall for you. If saying ‘I like you’ on the face is too much for you, then take the help of flowers. Once you are comfortable enough and have managed to create a bond even if it is friendship, send Lilies bouquet online randomly to them as a romantic gesture. At least you will know if they are in the same zone as you are. 

Genuinely listen

If you have managed to get a text back and late-night chattings are on the up, then you can impress them with your listening skills. You know many people lack this skill, and it is a major turn off when a person is all about themselves and forgets to listen to the other person. No matter how much you like to talk about yourself and your life, make sure that you genuinely listen to your crush as well. Remain engaged when they are talking and even ask a question to show your interest. 

These are some ways how you can impress your crush and win their heart. 

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