Do Highly Intelligent Actually People Do Well in School


Performing well in school varies depending on various factors. And no doubt intelligence is one of the factors. Although IQ and Academic performance correlate but the answer to this question might be both “Yes and NO”. Hard-working is also an important factor that contributes to leading towards success.

The reason why this question can be answered in two ways is that intelligent people can perform too well. On the other hand, their performance is below average or very poor. So, why this usually happens is the intelligent people think in a completely different way. The academic course or the outline provided them appears so easy to them that they perform higher than expectations.

Because they are naturally gifted with higher IQ levels, so it becomes easier for them to learn as well as perform well in school.

On the other hand, the reason why highly intelligent people cannot perform well in school is the lack of motivation and slow-paced learning. As already discussed highly intelligent students learn everything quickly. Thus, when an academic outline or course is provided to them, they lose all their motivation.

Why this happens is because the schools have to take care of all the students and they need to make sure that everyone’s performance is satisfactory. Thus, the schools have to follow a specific pattern that will be helpful for each student.

Thus, the intelligent students lose their focus, motivation, and result in poor performance. The intelligent people feel bounded and their creativity shattered in a box. It becomes the main reason they, cannot perform well in school, and thus it leads to poor grades.

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However, some ways can help intelligent people as well as an average student to perform well in school. Some tips and dedication can help students to perform well and to get good grades. Few tips are as follows:

§  Avoid Distraction and Focus More

The very important thing o keep in mind and that helps is to avoid distractions to a maximum level. It the key step to perform well in school, whether you are an intelligent student or an average student. Do not listen to people who always wanted you to bring down, just focus on your goal.

Try to focus more on studies rather than anything else. It will be really helpful. Focus completely on your goals and you will see a clear difference in your performance.

§  Hard Work and Stay Motivated

It is another important thing to keep in mind if you want to be a successful student. Whether you are an average student or above the average. You need to maintain a hard-working attitude towards your studies, as it is the only thing that will give you a long-term benefit.

No doubt, intelligence counts and it matters a lot, but hard work always pays off. You need to do hard work to achieve success. Without hard work, you cannot get what you want. Also, with hard-working, you need to keep your motivations high. It will greatly help you achieve your aim.

§  Attend a Summer School

Attending a summer school is another great opportunity to avail that helps students to become successful. The reason why summer schools are necessary to attend is they uniquely groom the students and help increase their efficient performance.

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Summer schools help the student learn various things quickly and prepare them for life challenges. Thus, it is a really good option to join summer school to achieve success.

§  Follow a Proper Schedule

Make a proper weekly or daily schedule and follow it strictly. When you start following a plan everything becomes clear to your mind. Your vision will be clear about, which task is of great importance. And what you need to be get done for a week. Thus, it is a really good option and helpful in performing well in school.

§  Make your Prioritize Clear

Make your priorities clear in front of you, as it is the only way to become successful. No matter how intelligent you are but if your priorities are not clear then you cannot achieve success. Once everything is clear to you, it will help you move towards reaching your goal.

Thus, if you have not prioritized your goals, then start doing it today. It will help achieve long-term benefits.


Intelligence and Academic performance are correlated with each other. Many people think that only intelligent people can perform well in school. But it is not true, although intelligence is one of the factors for good performance. It also depends on several other factors too.

Described above are some points that will let you know why only intelligence is not enough to become successful. Hard work is also a prominent factor that contributes to becoming successful.

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