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Distinguishing Features of Swinburne University of Technology

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Swinburne University of technology is one of the oldest higher educational institutes in Australia. The university established its international campus in Malaysia in 2000, as a part of its effort to make higher education accessible and facilitative for international students.

Students from developing Asian countries want to pursue higher education in Australia, which is not quite easy. However, continuing education in Malaysia is affordable, as well as accessible. So, the Malaysian campus of the Australian university provides them the opportunity to fulfill their dream without facing difficulties.

This article aims to highlight the distinguishing features of the Swinburne University of Technology Malaysia campus that attract the attention of international students.

Top 5 Attractions of Swinburne University for Foreign Students

Swinburne University of Technology Malaysia campus has provided quality education to its students in the past two decades. The university is managed by the authorities from the main campus of the institute located in Australia. This is one of the main reasons that make the institute even more compelling for international students.

The following are the top attractions of the Swinburne University of Technology, Malaysia campus for international students.

1.Australian Degree at Malaysian Cost

Having an Australian higher education degree is the dream of every student in developing countries. They often fail to make it a reality because of increased expenses and complications of continuing education at the international level.

However, Malaysia is quite an affordable study destination. International students can also realize their dream of getting an Australian degree while studying at Swinburne University Malaysia campus. Most of the students acquire the services of education consultants in Pakistan to secure their admission and avoid any hassle in the process.

2.Outstanding International Rankings

The success and popularity of an educational institute are judged by its international rankings. The Swinburne University of Technology Malaysia campus does not disappoint in this regard. It follows the legacy of the main Malaysian campus and enjoys significant rankings in various categories.

Times Higher Education Top 100 under 50 Rankings, QS World Rankings of Universities by Subject, Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), top 75 rankings in the ARWU in the field of civil engineering and top 200 institutions in the world in science are some of the top-ranking criteria in which the institute has secured significant positions.

3.Research-Based Education and Professional Recognition

While continuing higher education at the international level, most of the students encounter the thoughts that their degree will be recognized in other countries or not. This constitutes one of the greatest attractions of Swinburne University of Technology Malaysia campus for international students.

Students get the opportunity of learning from the well-qualified instructors, from Malaysia, as well as from the Australian campus. The institute focuses on the provision of research-based higher education, which is recognized by the professional authorities in multiple countries.

4.Career Building Opportunities

Most of the students want to study at the international level so that they can develop their careers. Moreover, learning from the well-developed countries and contributing to the progress of their developing home country is another important reason behind this.

The Swinburne University of Technology Malaysia campus fully supports international students in this endeavor. It provides groundbreaking career-building opportunities to the students during the course of their studies. It does not only help them polish their skills, gain some expertise, but also experience the professional world, before officially becoming a part of it.

5.International Study Options

One of the most promising attractions of the Swinburne University of Technology Malaysia campus is that it offers international study options. In most cases, the option is valid for undergraduate students. They have to complete fee semesters in the Malaysian campus and can become a part of the Australian campus to complete the program.

You can also continue to study for the remaining semesters in the German affiliated institutes. Sounds exciting? Well, you can also make most of this opportunity. Consult the services of educational consultants in Pakistan to become a part of the Swinburne University Malaysia campus and ensure bright learning opportunities.

Join Swinburne University Malaysia campus now!

If moving to Australia for higher education seems like a distant dream, becoming a part of the Swinburne University Malaysia campus is definitely an achievable dream. The quality of education, as well as other facilities, is nothing short than those available at the main campus in Australia.

It is once in a lifetime opportunity of paving the way towards a successful and promising international career. Moreover, you can also get the opportunity of exploring multiple countries while continuing your education. It will surely give a boost to your thinking and career. So, do not waste too much time in contemplation and connect with professionals now to start your journey!

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