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Europe is the dream destination for many and should be on the top of your list when you are planning a vacation. A European tour is generally massive as there are lots of places to visit, and so much variety of experiences. A lot of planning goes into creating a perfect Europe tour, and the planning starts from the very first point – What is the ideal time to travel to Europe? Although this may seem like a very basic question that has a simple answer, that is not the case for a trip to Europe.

There are so many countries and cities to visit in Europe, so what may seem like a good season for a country may not be good for other places. A vacation in the month of January may not be the ideal season to visit Greece or Turkey, but it is the perfect time to have a ski vacation in the Alps. So there is no hard and set rule as to which is the best time to visit Europe as it completely depends on the places that you want to visit and the experiences you want to experience during the trip.

  • Travel in January if you are looking for European winters

January is winter time throughout the European continent. Europe winters are either completely wet or snowy, depending upon the place you consider.  In the Mediterranean southern regions of Europe, the winters are wet. The weather conditions aren’t conducive for travel as most of the activities and excursions are hampered due to the weather. The Nordics and Baltics aren’t conducive either, considering the temperatures are sub 0 for most of the time, with the only positive being less crowded. Eastern Europe again faces the same issue with very cold weather, thus not a very pleasant sightseeing experience. Europe in January is predominantly ideal for ski vacations.

Ski vacations in Europe have 2 major seasonal months – December and February. December because of the Christmas vacations, and February because of the vacations for schools throughout Europe. So ski vacations in the month of January will ensure you face a lesser crowd and get cheaper prices. 

  • Travel in February if you are looking for Ski vacations

February in Europe is harsh winter and wet. Major European cities like Paris and Amsterdam face rainy weather conditions throughout the month and also the winds are very very strong during this month. There are very few tourists this month, so if you want to take your chance, and if you are lucky enough to avoid bad weather, you could get cheaper rates for the hotels. 

The most ideal thing to do in February in Europe is to take up Ski vacation, as this month is one of the peak months. School vacations in Europe will make this month slightly more crowded for Ski vacations. 

  • March is the last month for Ski vacations in Europe
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The weather conditions are still cold and wet in most parts of Europe. The weather tends to get slightly better in major cities where the rainfall isn’t as heavy as it is in the month of January or February but still is worse enough to keep the majority of the tourists off. If you would want to take a chance, you can visit the major cities and in case the weather is good enough, you can visit the cities with fewer crowds and at better prices. 

March is the month for Ski vacations in Europe, so if you are looking for the same, ensure you get your trip done by this month. One advantage of ski vacations in March is that the crowds are relatively less as compared to February. 

  • The travel season slowly kicks off in the month of April

Cometh the month of April, cometh the month of travel season in Europe. April is the beginning of conducive weather conditions for travel in Europe, and there is a significantly larger influx of tourists in April as compared to the previous three months. The crowds are larger and the cities are busier especially during the Easter holidays. It is better to avoid traveling during the Easter holidays as several experiences could be closed. Although this is a shoulder season in most of the countries in Europe, a trip now would not be a very bad idea. Ski vacations are closed before the Easter holidays. 

  • Weather conditions are much better in the month of May

The weather conditions in Europe are way too better in the month of May and is a very good time to travel to Europe. There are sporadically few bad weather days, but in general, the temperatures are rising across the major cities, which will ensure there is no hampering to your sightseeing experience. The crowds start flowing into the continent, especially the major cities this month, although the crowd isn’t as much as the peak seasons. Keep in mind that there will be several religious holidays this month, so plan your trip accordingly. 

  • June is the last month before the peak season starts

If you are looking to travel to major cities in Europe with pleasant weather conditions, relatively fewer crowds, and cheaper prices, June is your only and last option. The weather conditions become ideal throughout Europe and the tourist inflow gets higher and higher with passing weeks. The major cities become busy during this month, and the less-known cities are quiet, although not empty.

Keep in mind that this is the month for several major sporting events in Europe like the UEFA football competition which may affect some of your travel plans. 

  • July marks the beginning of peak season in Europe
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July is the beginning of the peak season in Europe. The weather conditions are perfect, the cities are wide open to tourists, and people start flowing into Europe in millions in every passing week. The major cities are crowded, and even the relatively lesser-known cities are now filled with tourists. 

Only August is busier than the month of July, and hence the flight and hotel prices in the month of July are quite high. Also, most of the hotels and experiences may get sold out, so it is highly recommended you start your planning quite early if you are traveling in the month of July. 

  • August is the busiest month in Europe and the season peaks

August is the busiest month in Europe and is officially the peak season for the year. The weather conditions across the continent are at its best except for occasional showers in few cities. Be prepared for massive and unmanageable crowds in the month of Europe as this is when most tourists visit the major cities. 

The flight and hotel prices are at the highest at this point of the year, and the availability could turn out to be a very big concern considering the peak season and popularity of European destinations. It is recommended that you plan your vacation and book your experiences well in advance if you are traveling in August. 

  • The tourist flow slightly dips in September

September starts the decline of the peak season in Europe as the number of tourists flying into Europe drops gradually. Mind you, this is still almost a busy season in the major cities of Europe, but the tourists throughout the continent are relatively less than the months of July and August. The weather may tend to get wet and windy at times, but you’d be able to manage the vacation more or less. This is the ideal month to visit Nordics and Baltics, and Eastern European countries like Greece. 

  • October is not the peak season but is still a good month to travel

The tourist flow drops significantly and after the frenzy of the peak season in Europe and the places are much quieter and manageable. The peak season is officially over in Europe, and the crowds are fewer, even in the major cities. Due to global warming, the weather conditions in October are now warmer as compared to the past, but still be prepared for rainy and windy days, although it may not be harsh enough to threaten your Europe tour.

This is a relatively warmer month in the Nordics and Baltics, so you could consider traveling there during this month, but this isn’t the right time to visit the Alps. Eastern Europe and other major cities are quieter and can be considered in this month.

  • November is the slowest month in Europe
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The weather starts getting cold, the days are dimmer, and the crowds are almost non-existent in this month in Europe. This month is prone to thunderstorms and harsh rainy days, and can completely disrupt your tour plans. The weather is extremely unpredictable, and the crowds are very few in number. So this month is one of the cheapest months to travel to Europe as the flight and hotel prices drop significantly. If you are planning for a vacation that doesn’t involve many outdoor activities and if you are okay with the bouts of rain here and there, you can consider traveling this month, although it is not advisable! 

  • The crowd picks up again in December but the weather is harsh

December is the month for celebrations in Europe. The whole month of December gives the gala vibes throughout the continent, and it is only more buzzing considering the bulk number of tourists flying into Europe again during this month. The crowds tend to swell by the passing weeks, and are at their maximum around the time of Christmas as they are there in Europe to catch some festive spirit. European tours to major cities like Paris and Amsterdam are very famous this month, along with Christmas shopping. 

In terms of the weather, this is the wettest month in Europe and it may rain almost every single day throughout the continent. In the northern regions, it starts getting cold and the winter tends to be harsher from now. The weather conditions could potentially disrupt some activities and experiences this month. 

Europe offers variety not only in terms of the places to visit and experiences but also in its weather conditions and a suitable place to visit at that point in time. Although not all countries and cities can be visited throughout the year, considering the plethora of options Europe has to offer, you can always consider a Europe trip to some part of the continent anytime throughout the year! Careful planning is required, especially in the peak seasons, due to the large crowd and dwindling availability. That is where travel companies like Pickyourtrial, Makemytrip come into play, where they will be able to customize your itinerary according to the place you want to visit, and the time you want to visit through their Europe tour packages. What are you waiting for? Choose the month you want to travel in, and make the best out of your dream European vacation! 

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