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Africa Travel – On an exciting discovery tour across the continent


When traveling to Africa, you can visit a lot of sights of great cultural and historical importance in different countries. Pulsating big city metropolises offer vacationers a lot of variety. In numerous national parks and nature reserves, tourists can discover and admire the species-rich fauna and flora of the multi-layered Africa.
With a total area of 30 million km², Africa is the second largest continent in the world. Many African countries are very popular and often visited holiday destinations. Africa trips can be designed as differently as the continent itself is.

Geographical landscape of Africa

Africa is basically divided into five areas. From a geographical point of view, North Africa consists primarily of the Arabian Peninsula and the Sahara desert. Well-known states such as Nigeria, Senegal and the Ivory Coast are located in western Africa. In the east of Africa there are Kenya, Zambia, Uganda and Ethiopia, among others. Namibia, Botswana and South Africa are among the countries of southern Africa. In order to experience the extraordinary diversity of the continent with the most diverse landscapes, different cultures and exciting cities, tours through several countries and regions of Africa are recommended. But also typical country safaris in the great outdoors are special features of an Africa vacation. Furthermore, idyllic river trips, exciting diving tours and special sports trips are offered. Kenya offers you adventure and romance in the famous Masai Mara game reserve on the East African Rift Valley and is ideal for a safari vacation. Here native animals can be observed up close. In addition to harmless herd animals such as zebras, gazelles and wildebeests, lions and other big cats can also be found there. The white sandy beaches on the Indian Ocean and the beautiful coral reefs in the crystal clear water are also the ideal place for a diving tour through beautiful coral landscapes. Other water sports such as para-sailing and kite surfing can also be practiced here. Especially adventurous Africa trips lead from Addis Ababa through dry savannahs and forests of acacias in Ethiopia and Kenya. In times of vacation, you get the chance to one of the largest animal protection areas on the continent is the Kruger National Park in the north of South Africa. Due to its immense extent of around 20,000 km², it comprises 30 different ecosystems, from steppes to bush land and wooded areas to stony mountainous areas.
As different as the landscapes of the South African park are its fauna and flora. The Kruger National Park offers a habitat for over 800 different animal and almost 2000 plant species. In addition to common species such as the impala, the elephant or the spotted hyena, rarer, more conspicuous animals such as the black rhinoceros or the steppe pangolin are also found in the Kruger National Park.

Africa Harbors Tourists

A total of 21 camps offer visitors comfortable accommodation on their Africa travels. Seven hiking routes off the beaten track invite you to take a multi-day tour of discovery through the park’s extensive regions.
In the West African state of Mali, you can visit the oasis city of Timbuktu on the southern edge of the Sahara desert. For architecture enthusiasts, it is worth taking a detour to Mopti or Djenne, two wealthy cities known for their unusual adobe buildings.

Highlights of African Heritage

Burkina Faso is also located in western Africa. The country has a well-known ethnographic museum and many sights of natural origin. The Banfora waterfalls and the Arli National Park are particularly suitable excursion destinations for nature lovers. In Sabou, the adventurous have the opportunity to observe crocodiles up close.

In the South African metropolis of Cape Town, tourists can pay a visit to the South African Museum. The well-known city of Johannesburg offers a variety of sights such as the Apartheid Museum or the Museum of Military History, especially for those interested in history.

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The Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic Ocean are particularly suitable for a relaxing beach holiday in Africa. They are of volcanic origin and are known for their arid landscapes and little rainfall. Furthermore, the Atlantic waters around the islands offer divers’ impressive underwater landscapes, which represent a species-appropriate habitat for many fish species and other marine life. Moray eels, barracudas and some species of sharks can be observed on the coral reefs. A little off the coast, there are always smaller groups of dolphins and blue whales.
Experience exciting safari tours, relaxing days on the beach, exciting city trips and idyllic landscapes on individually designed Africa trips.

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