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According to beauty experts, winter skin care tips


Winter skin care should be one of the priorities of every woman seeking to preserve the freshness of her skin and youth, in this season the skin is exposed to dryness, irritation and cracking, due to exposure to dry and cold air, and the use of make-up makes the situation worse according to one of the popular skin specialist.

How to care for skin in the winter

Skin care in the winter season is very necessary, whether it is facial skin or skin, the beauty of the skin and the texture and shape of the skin reflect your beauty and attractive femininity, but in some seasons of the year we encounter fluctuating atmospheres that cause dryness and cracking of the skin, and winter is one of the seasons in which the skin is prone to dryness Where it is noticed that the skin is dry, cracked lips, and the hands may be tightened, as well as cracked heels, because most people take a shower with warm water or wash the face and hands with warm water in the morning before going to work, which exposes their skin to the cold weather when they go out, which makes the skin become dry and scaly It provokes itching, and sometimes the oily layer on the skin is lost due to the cold weather.

Ways to benefit you in skin care in the winter

It is known that the blood circulation is dormant in the winter season, which causes pallor in the skin color, which makes the skin lose its freshness, from this point of view my lady offers you some tips that help you to keep your skin moist and your lips with its smooth texture always, these tips are mentioned in the following lines:

Winter face care

  • Wash your face with lukewarm water and avoid direct transmission from a cold to a warm atmosphere or vice versa, in order to avoid capillary rupture and skin tightening, as well as I advise you to drink an adequate amount of water that helps dilate blood vessels.
  • Do not use soaps with aromatic scents or that contain glycerin, so as not to cause skin sensitivity.
  • Use moisturizers, especially after washing the face or shower, in order to maintain the moisture of your skin.
  • Do not allow your body to be exposed to a strong stream of shower water, as it dehydrates the body from the fatty substance in it.

Winter hands care

The hands are more prone to austerity, and the fingers are also prone to cracking, especially for women and housewives who spend most of their time with washing and cooking utensils, which causes them a major problem in the skin, which leads to allergies or the so-called winter itch, so we advise you to do the following: –

  • Wear gloves when doing washing and cooking, which will protect your hands from constant exposure to water and air.
  • Dry hands well after washing them with water.
  • After completing your work in which you use water, apply moisturizing creams to the skin on your hands.

Take care of the beauty of the lips in the winter

Taking care of the lips in the winter is no less important than skin care, as their constant wetness in water and exposure to cold weather leads to unwanted chapped lips, and until you get wet lips of pink color, we recommend the following: –

  • Avoid but permanent your lips with your mouth, as this makes the lips dry.
  • Use lip balms, not cocoa butter, to protect the lips from cold weather.
  • It is also possible to drink beet juice before bed to get pink lips.
  • Take care of the beauty of the lips in the winter

It is normal for your feet to crack in the winter season, especially if you do not wear tight shoes to cover the feet, so we offer you one of the solutions that help you eliminate cracked feet, which are: –

  • Soak your feet in hot, soapy water in the evening, and add some rose water to it to remove the smell of the feet from wearing shoes throughout the day.
  • Leave them for 20 minutes, then remove them from the water and dry them well.
  • Rub them by scratching feet to rub dead skin on them.
  • After that, warm them up.

One more Tip

Using moisturizer is an essential step in skin care, especially for those who use make-up a lot. If you want to get fresh and bright skin even without using facial polish, you just have to keep using moisturizer, which is more important in the winter season, when the skin is often exposed to dryness and peeling.

Finally, we advise you to pay more attention to the issue of skin care in the winter season in particular and at all times in general. Taking care of your skin guarantees that you will not lose your beauty and freshness .

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