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5 Horrors you must remember before hitting the gym during Pandemic


The Covid 19 pandemic has been a significant game-changer for the entire world. Starting from businesses to homes; habits have changed. Now you cannot opt to wear a mask in a public space, it is mandatory to wear one. Similarly, fitness enthusiasts have to put up with the new normal. The new normal is a set of rigid rules and regulations that would minimize the Covid 19 virus’s spread. One of them is social distancing or physical distancing in a precise term.

In his article, we will discuss the various mandates, precautions, and concepts that will transform the next decade’s fitness industry. Remember, Covid 19 may be here to stay, and so are we! We cannot merely risk our lives to a mere virus when we can always control it. Exercising equipment like a pushup machine and chest machine needs regular sanitization.

Some of the things to remember before you hit the gym during the pandemic 

  • Choose a spacious gym – The new world loves large open spaces. Well, in case you are not able to find one, do not go to a cramped gym. Ensure that the gym has ample space for you to maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance between the other fitness studio members. The 6 feet distance is a new norm of physical distancing since the virus cannot travel beyond a distance of 6 feet in the form of air droplets. Conduct thorough background checks before you opt for any membership. Look for deals and offers while you opt for the membership.

  • Carry your own sanitization stuff  – Our readers are quite familiar with the standard safety gear like masks and sanitizers. Your fitness studio will offer sanitization stuff for you but do not forget to carry the basics with you. Carry spray sanitizer cans to clean surface areas you will come across. Carry a cloth to wipe surface areas before you come in contact with them. Pushup equipment and chest machines require more attention since most of the members would be using them frequently.

  • Timing is everything! – The timings are essential since most people opt for morning or evening slots. These slots would be crowded, which is a very discouraging factor related to the pandemic. You have to opt for other flexible timings where you can practice exercising. You should avoid crowded slots if you want to stay fit in this pandemic.
  • Don’t forget regular thermal screening – If you are going outdoors every day, then thermal screening is a must before entering any area. Routine thermal screening would minimize contact between staff and members. It would also help in understanding the importance of thermal screening. Regular thermal screening might be irritating but can save many from contamination. Exercises like a full chest workout will require intense physical exertion. Hence, it is advisable to be in top physical condition. 
  • Digitization – If you are not opting for physical classes, you can always go for online classes or online courses. This is another extension of the digital paradigm and goes into the domain of digital fitness. Attend online classes in case you are not able to take the regular classes. Experts conduct online classes.

The world of fitness has changed significantly after the pandemic. The world has learned values and the importance of personal hygiene. The mandates inside the gyms and fitness studios will remain unchanged for a long time. The new world may not change back right away. However, let us take this challenge and meet the fitness studios’ expectations related to the pandemic.

Awareness and personal hygiene will come a long way in terms of minimizing the spread of the disease. If you are a fitness enthusiast or gym owner, your priority should be safety. Safety first and stay fit! Home fitness enthusiasts can choose pushup equipment and chest workout machinery from companies Iron Chest Master.

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