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5 Gift ideas for that will basically last forever (or almost)

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One thing about gifts that I don’t like is that they either wither away or are distressed with time. Doesn’t it hurt to throw away a gift that was once very close to your heart? Actually, all gifts are special because they are gifted by our loved ones. Expensive or inexpensive, there are always emotions attached to them. So, when it’s time to say goodbye, it always breaks our hearts. Since you cannot stick to something that has gone bad for a longer time, you can give your loved ones the gift that lasts forever. If not forever, at least, these plants will last for a longer time compared to others. Like if you buy an online indoor plant, they will always last longer than a flower bouquet. So, for such long-lasting gift ideas, keep reading. 

Safety knife

What kind of gift is this you may be wondering. The name of this product may confuse you but it is a very useful gift that you can give your loved ones. It is a safety knife. A knife is a sharp object that is capable enough to be used as a safety too. But this product is even better because it is not just a knife, but there are other sharp tools as well which are bound in a single knife. It can be used in self-defense in case of danger. A very little gift that can be easily carried in a bag. Extremely useful gift especially for the girls who travel alone. A gift to someone who you care about. This is the best gift if you want your loved ones to be safe no matter which part of the world they reside in. This is a compact product that ensures safety. The safety knife is made up of stainless steel which will last a very long time. 

The forever rose

Here is a romantic gift for all the love birds reading this article. A rose is a perfect gift to give to your bae. It expresses thousands of emotions on your behalf. But the sad part is that roses die soon for the obvious reasons. While it is a perfect gift on any occasion for your partner, you may still give it a second thought just because of its perishable property. It will look good for several days but after that? So, a better option would be a rose that will last a long time, right? Yes, that’s an option. You can buy forever rose flowers for someone special in your life. It is actually a 100 percent natural rose flower that can last forever as they are kept in a protective glass case. They don’t even require water or sunlight. Surprised? Create your own ‘beauty and the beast vibe’. 

Potted plants

Next on the list is the idea of a potted plant. Plants are a forever gift because they last for a very long time. You can buy a plant to give to someone if you want your gift to stay with them forever. There are very pretty indoor plants available to put plants inside the home. Indoor plants are trending, so, look for pretty little indoor plants potted nicely in a beautiful pot. You get a wide choice of pots and that choice can actually make your present look even better. You can even paint a pot if you are willing to put in some extra efforts, otherwise, order plants online where you can explore through the endless choices. Go for a sapling so that it takes time to grow. Every time this plant will remind the recipient of your, which is actually the whole point of gifting. 

A photo frame

A photo frame is not a perishable gift that will go bad quickly. It is something that one can put up and forget for the rest of their life and it will still be there. It can even stay generation after generation till the time it is broken. A photo frame is a nice gift to give to someone who is fond of clicking pictures and collecting memories. He or she can put their favorite picture and hang it up on the wall or place it on the countertop. The photo frame will last forever till the time one throws it away or breaks it. So, when you want to give something that stays with them for a very long time, consider a photo frame in your cart. Buy a pretty one that they can proudly showcase in their house or office. The good thing about photo frames is that they are easily available. 

gold/silver ornaments

Next on the list is gifting gold or silver ornaments because they are forever. Gold and silver can be worn or saved forever. This gift doesn’t go bad, nor is it something that will go out of trend. People consider these metals as an investment. So, buying gold or silver for someone is a very thoughtful idea. You can buy either a piece of jewelry or go for silver coins, gold bricks depending on your budget. 

These are the gift ideas that will last forever when gifted to your loved ones.

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