4 Types of Custom Patches That You May Not Know About

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Back in the 80’s we used to love and adore the perky fashion that was sported in movies and shows. Aside from the big quaffed or permed hair and distressed denim jackets, one more accessory was pretty famous and was popularly seen in movies. The quirky cool patches that were accessorized on denim jackets and jeans.

Over the years, patches are not only used as an item to accessorize your clothes but are used for various other purposes. With the use of customization, consumers began using them for several occasions and as the demand for them increased the production of quick custom patches began.

Here we are listing some different types of custom patches that are used and you may not know about. Give it a read till the end to find out.

1.    Embroidered Patches

Embroidered Patches are the most popular kind of patches that are available in the market. If you want patches that are affordable, durable and have great custom design potential then this one is it.

Customers can use as many colors on these patches as they want depending on the size of the patch, they place order for. Also, the production of custom embroidered patches is the easiest compared to others and that’s why you can get them in the shortest deadline.

Embroidered patches have twill base and the customized artwork is included with the use of threads that are embroidered over it. Hence, giving these patches a raised feel and pop off visuals.

2.   Chenille Patches

If you want to try out some new textured custom patches then Chenille Patches is what you want. These patches may not look as detailed as the embroidered patches because of their fluffy fuzzy surface. This sort of patch surface is created by using two layers where the bottom layer is made out of felt.

Although chenille patches are pretty old school type of custom patches, they have definitely made a comeback over the past few years. These kinds of patches give off warm woollen soft feel and appearance.

3.   PVC Patches

PVC or Personalized Vibrant Colorful Patches are not known to many but are certainly unique custom patches that one could order. PVC Patches are basically rubberized emblems that have a rugged feel. These types of patches are greatly used for novelty designs and outdoor use.

One of the prime features of PVC Patches is that they can easily withstand water, mud or grit if thrown on it. These kinds of patches use unique material to give off 3D effect and tactile feel to them.

4.   Bullion Crests

If you have a formal event coming up then these are the kind of patches that you want. Bullion Patches or Bullion Crests are made using metal filaments and velvet together. These patches use 80% of gold or silver metal filaments and 20% of velvet material to give it a regal look and finish.

Since these types of patches are typically handmade, they take ample amount of time to be made and are definitely on the pricey side. These patches have an extremely sturdy base as it uses thick velvet material that manually stitched together to make this patch.


The above enumerated are some unheard types of custom patches that are readily available in the market for purchase. Pick your choice from the above list depending on the purpose they’ll be used for. Make sure you do a little research on the patch manufacturing companies before you place any quick custom patches order with them. After all, you want the best quality patches for the price you pay, right?

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