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4 Steps for Choosing the Perfect Wall to Wall Carpet Color


In some cases, a beautiful floor rug is all you require to liven up your house. On different occasions, you need to cover the floor with a carpet to get that comfortable feel. On the off chance that rug flooring is what’s at the forefront of your thoughts, at that point the main thing you have to settle on is its color. Different parameters like sort, style, plan, and quality, can come later. 

If you are planning to redesign your home or are simply thinking to move to carpet flooring; these self-isolation days are ideal for tweaking things in your home. Picking a color is frequently hard, but not if you examine this with your designer with some clearness about what precisely you are searching for.

You can find many designs of carpets in Pakistan since many designers are working on new styles and colors every time.

If you are looking for tips and suggestions as to how to design your flooring with a new design carpet then this guide if you:

1. Basics

The color of your rug or carpet flooring should ideally match the color of your walls or the furniture. While differentiating is still stylish, you can try different things with various mixes to get the ideal look. A look that will make your visitors stop, analyze, and over and overstate, “this looks amazing!”

If you have just bought a new house or an apartment then it will be easy for you as you can follow the process that has proven to be wonderful. The process includes choosing the color of the furniture first and then you move on to decide the curtains and after that, you can finally decide the color of the carpet flooring along with the color of the wall.

And many interior designers follow this process because it allows them to play with colors as you have a restriction in the color department when choosing furniture so if you place the furniture first you can easily decorate the room according to it.

2. Neutral and generic colors

Choosing basic colors for carpet flooring is very important as they complement the other furniture placed in the room and choosing a lighter color in case the furniture is in a darker shade will make it stand out and give the room a nice feel.

Choosing dark or fancy designs for carpet flooring will only overpower the room and it is the first and most important rule in the interior designing world which is to avoid this type of blunder.

3. Playing with designs

Even though having a neutral color carpet flooring is good for the house but if you want to have a carpet design that matches your personality you can still do that while maintaining the balance between staying simple and stylish.

Many interior designers recommend going with the current trends that are available in designs while matching it with your furniture and the walls.

4. Considering the price of upkeep:

Having a little bit of foresight during the installation of carpets will help in saving money in the long run

When you choose the color of the carpet first and then the color of the walls you have a great advantage in economic terms, as you can easily change the colors of the wall if it does not match, but changing the carpet altogether will cost you a fortune and will consume a lot of time.

You can easily buy carpets in Pakistan if you are looking to buy a house or redecorating one and hiring a professional interior designer will help you in the long run and will be economical as well since there will be zero chances of blunder. 

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